Step Four – What are you looking for?

Let’s be honest, patrons don’t sponsor explorers to just go and wander around until they bump into something. People with money sponsor those who have a focus and know what they are looking for. So early explorers had to know why they wanted to take a journey if they wanted the supplies they would need.

Young explorer, look at your list of words you have developed, the list of things you believe are facts and the opinions you have. Just before you go out and explore there are two things you should do:

  1. Identify the information you are missing. What do you need to know to answer your great, big, wonderful question.
  2. Make a map, a web or diagram of your subject. Make sure you have a main subject and  supporting subjects. You can probably simply arrange the information you have to complete this. I hope, however, you will find you were missing something and are able to add it before the search is on!

You are almost ready to go!

Here are the standards you are covering:


MSLA 1.16 Identify pre-existing knowledge, as well as additional information necessary to solve the problem.

MSLA 2.13 Web, map, or diagram a main topic with sub-topics.